Tuesday, October 30, 2018

what's in the news this week

Hello Blogging World!!

Hello and welcome back to my blog. In today's blog post I am going to be talking about a kiwi kids new article that is called Prince Harry and Meghan arrive in New Zealand. This article is about Prince Harry and Meghan arriving in New Zealand for a 4 day Tour!

1 Interesting fact is that they went to the Auckland Museum and looked at all the interesting stuff.

The News was very nice and good to hear about.

1 new word i learned was viaduct and this word means  when  a bridge for carrying  a road,railroad , ect, over  a valley or the like ,consisting  of a number of short spans.

well this news was boring because i don't know what there full name.

if you where the king and queen what well you do ?

see you later.


  1. Hi Gabriella,
    I liked how you explained of what text the you read and also I like that you included the main charters names.

    Maybe next time you can find out there last names and put it on and also you could have found the capital of NZ.

    It remind me of when I was watching the news in the weekends and finding out what they were doing.

    If you want to see my blog here is the link http://hpsmanditar.blogspot.com.

    See you later

  2. Talofa Lava Gabriella,

    My name is Rhia and I am in Room 6 at Haypark school. I really like how you explained what the word viaduct meant because I don't know what it means either and I would really like to learn it. Have you thought of checking your capital letters and making sure it makes sense, but altogether this blog post was really good and interesting to hear about:) If you would like to see my blog it will be right here: http://hpsrhiap.blogspot.co.nz, Thank you.

    Kind Regards Rhia
    See ya later

  3. thank you so much rhia and mandita .